'Echt Afrikaanderwijk' x Gemeente Rotterdam x Cultuur Concreet

23/11/2022 | The voices of Afrikaanderwijk: Exploring Resident Perspectives on Community and Gentrification.

This art installation was created to explore the concepts of community cohesion and renewal within Afrikaanderwijk. Through a series of interviews with local residents, the project aimed to capture the diverse perspectives and interpretations of the neighborhood. The end result is a thought-provoking installation that reflects the unique identity of the community and offers a glimpse into its rich history and culture. The installation features small images of residents, which from a distance come together to form a unified face, symbolizing the community's sense of togetherness.



IndyQuinty: Creative Director / Visual artist / initiator

Bram van Der Loon: Sociale media / Marketeer

Luuk van De Gift: Visual artists / Builder 

Lyanne Smul: Clothes Sampler

Shilan Abai: Interview / Behaviour specialist

Yasmina Azhoum: Producer


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Process Photos: