A captivating three-dimensional experience designed to be interactive. Its unique design allows for assembly and disassembly, turning it into a challenging puzzle featuring both audio and photography. Despite the complexity of the installation, anyone, regardless of age, can climb inside and explore all the possibilities within the art installation. The framework of this installation is 3 meters high and 5 meters wide, a large cube that plays with perspective. The overall effect creates an impressive and fascinating experience that you won't soon forget.



By providing multiple ways for visitors to interact with the artwork, such as climbing inside, listening to interviews, viewing pictures, and customization options, the installation creates a dynamic and engaging experience that invites individuals to fully immerse themselves in the piece. The images can be moved to give the user complete control over their artistic experience. This installation can be customized to the location, event, or subject, making each experience unique and perfectly fitting for the environment. The ability to adjust and move the visuals provides enormous flexibility, allowing the installation to be configured and tailored to the specific needs of each occasion, time and again.