'Echt In Vorm' x Theater Zuidplein

Published on 27 April 2023 at 00:53

--/08/2023 | Experience Art and Theater in perfect harmony at Theater Zuidplein

The art installation at Theater Zuidplein is an exciting addition to the theater's programming. This beautiful and captivating exhibit is free for all visitors to enjoy. Whether you are attending a show at the theater or just stopping by to see the art, this exhibit is a must-see.


When you visit Theater Zuidplein, take some time to explore the art installation. Take photos of your visit, listen to the sounds of the exhibit, experience the interactive elements, and climb the installation to get a closer look. There is so much to discover and enjoy within this unique exhibit.


The inclusion of this art installation in the theater's programming is a testament to Theater Zuidplein's commitment to providing a diverse and engaging experience for its visitors. Whether you are a fan of the performing arts or simply appreciate beautiful and thought-provoking artwork, the art installation at Theater Zuidplein is a must-see. So don't miss your chance to experience this incredible exhibit at one of Rotterdam's most beautiful theaters.